Ironman Magazine

"We have been featuring Colleen Kelly's sexy swimwear for almost a decade-her suits are fantastic and keep the models begging for more!" - Michael Neveux - Ironman Magazine

Flex Magazine

"I love her stuff!  I have worked with Colleen Kelly for years  because she takes my ideas and adds a twist, she makes the fit perfect, and she is very professional... She and her suits  Totally, Totally Rock!!" - Meegan Knight - Celebrity and Weider (Flex) Stylist

Monica Brant

"I have been wearing Colleen's suits (Sexy Swimwear) for a few years now and I have yet to wear one that is too similar to a previous one!  Colleen makes such fun and flashy suits that fit my body perfectly! Her talent is obvious and she takes pride in her work.. she is a professional through and through! Thanks Colleen for all the great shots you have helped me achieve!" - Monica Brant - Ms. Fitness Olympia 1998

Timea Majorova

"I always get exited for my photo shoots because I wear sexy suits from Colleen. You always have something different, and it is always a great surprise. Thank you for making  my pictures look great and sexy!" - Timea Majorova - Amateur European/World champion '97, Arnold Classic 2nd PL 2000, Fitness Olympia 4th PL 2000, Atlantic City Champion 2000, Fitness Kupa-Hungary Champion 2001

Laura Mak

"I have been using Colleen Kelly suits for years and have gotten lots of magazine publicity because of the great looking outfits! They are sexy and unique, and look great on my body! She is very creative original in her ideas. Her swim wear is the best. I have so many compliments on my website because of the great outfits I am modeling. She is not only a pleasure to work with, she is also a great person. I wish her continued success and creativity in the future. Thanks for all your help and continued support Colleen!" - Laura Mak - Fitness Competitor/Model

Brenda Kelly

"When I need a kick a** photo shoot, that sizzles with sexy, original pizzazz, top photographers and die hard fans go crazy for Colleen Kelly Designs! Yes, Yes, Yes! thanks Colleen!" - Brenda Kelly- Fitness Pro/Fashion Model

Jennifer Chamberlin

"Nobody makes tinier, sexier, and more uniquely designed suits   then Colleen Kelly!  These hot numbers are exactly what I love to wear and can't get enough of!" - Jennifer Chamberlin - Fitness Model

Eric Freimanis Photography

"Colleen makes the most beautiful suits hands down, other companies try to copy her styles because hers are so unique! All the girls I shoot when I give them a suit to wear the first thing they ask is, who made this suit?" - Eric Freimanis Photography

Lena Johannesen

"Thanks for the BEST bikinis EVER!!! I've tried a LOT though out my career as a fitness model, but nothing beats "SexySwimwear". Keep them coming - and I'll keep them showing! :0" - Lena Johannesen - IFBB Fitness Pro ("The Nordic Knockout")

Mercedes Khani

"I absolutely love Colleen Kelly Designs! I never go to a shoot without several of her outfits. They are so sexy and unique and they fit my body perfectly, they are my absolute favourite. I get so many compliments on my website for the great outfits that I wear. You can see in my pictures that I love wearing them. Colleen thinks about everything to make her designs look great ànd fit great, she is a real talented designer and a very sweet woman. I wish her continued success and all the best in the future. Thank you Colleen for making my pictures look great!" - Mercedes Khani - Fitness Pro/ Fitness Model